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Building a Lead Nurture Strategy that Converts

About this event

For a marketer, generating the leads is only half the battle.  Learning to turn those leads into revenue for your business should get just as much attention.

In this live webinar, Jack Smithson, Inbound Marketing Strategist at Keap, will present proven strategies for attracting and nurturing quality leads for your business with lead magnets. Payman Taei, CEO and founder of Visme, will then show how to create unforgettable content experiences and lead magnets that delight your audience.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jack Smithson Inbound Marketing Specialist @ Keap

  • Team member
    Payman Taei Founder @ Visme

    Founder of Visme, and HindSite Interactive. UI/UX designer.


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Visme is a simple yet powerful, all-in-one visual communication tool that allows you to create interactive presentations, infographics, visual reports, printables, etc, via an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop online platform.