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New features and latest improvements

About this event

Join Andres for a compact overview of our latest improvements. In just 30min you'll discover expert tips and how-tos as we cover these updates:

Reports — Create more dynamic reports with these three new features:

Landscape mode: Users can now change the page orientation to landscape, a great option to showcase bigger graphs.

Chapters: Easily add chapters with titles to give longer reports a better structure.

Alarm table: It's now possible to insert a table with the entire alarm history for the time period of the report, creating a more in-depth overview.

File Import — Now supporting Sensor ID files, enabling users to import sensor-based data files.

Download Data — Now with a minute summary. A great new option for users with a high sampling rate and want a more detailed summary.

Displacement Graph — Now with a convergence feature. A useful option that helps users monitor tunnel deformation.

Our team will be available in the chat during the webinar and happy to answer all your questions. Don't miss this great opportunity to optimize your efficiency with these VDV improvements.

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  • Team member
    Andres Andresson Director, Business Development @ Vista Data Vision

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    Gudmundur Steinsson Senior Business Development Manager

  • Team member
    Ólafur Haukur Pétursson Senior Consultant @ Vista Data Vision

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