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VDV - QA/QC [New Feature]

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New QA/QC Feature in Vista Data Vision.

The new QA/QC (Quality Assurance / Quality Control) feature in VDV offers a comprehensive system to work with data validation.

  • Validate data on different levels, from correcting measurement data due to errors such as sensor drift to flagging invalidated data due to numerous reasons such as calibration cycles.
  • With the QA/QC feature the original data is always kept intact for later review.
  • All QA/QC changes can be viewed throughout VDV. Users can choose on the fly which version of the data set to view in VDV.
  • The QA/QC features allows users userse to easily export data in AQS format for EPA reporting.

The QA/QC is designed to work seamlessly with Air Quality data but can also be used to manage any data set that requires professional data handling.

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  • Team member
    Andres Andresson Director, Business Development @ Vista Data Vision

  • Guest speaker
    Gudmundut Steinn

  • Guest speaker
    Olafur Petursson (VDV) Support @ Vista Data Vision

  • Guest speaker
    Thorarinn Andresson CEO @ Vista Data Vision

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