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Empowering Engagement - Revenue Collection In A Post-Pandemic World

About this event

As the dust from COVID-19 settles, the impact on councils and communities is beginning to come into focus. Further spending increases required to deal with the pandemic, combined with unstable income streams, has placed council finances under unprecedented strain.

Voicescape has carried out research with local authority professionals to identify the key themes and help the sector better prepare for a challenging future. In the resulting whitepaper, entitled:

Empowering Engagement Revenue collection in a post-pandemic world.

Author, Steven Johnson, will explore a range of innovations that Revenues & Benefits teams can leverage. What is certain, successful teams will build positive relationships with residents and drive improved efficiencies and overall performance – all during a time when resources are strained and collection rates are in decline.

During this session you'll hear from the author, Steven Johnson, who will introduce the whitepaper as well as:

  1. John Doyle (CEO of Voicescape)
  2. David Magor (CEO of IRRV)
  3. Alistair Townsend (IRRV, SVP)

Hosted by

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    Bill Williams Chief Revenue Officer @ Voicescape

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    Muhammed Shaikh

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    David Magor


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