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Strong security culture reduces risk – here’s how!

About this event

How is your security culture? Do you work actively with security culture in the organisation? Why is it important, and how can you easily and efficiently implement culture-building activities? Join us on October 26th for a look at how you can play an active and important role in the shaping of your organisation’s security culture.

One thing is clear, organisations with improved security culture see significantly lower-risk security behaviours. But how do you bridge the gap between computers and people?

Kai Roer, Chief Research Officer at KnowBe4 and one of the top authorities on cybersecurity culture, shares insight on why working actively with security culture is vital to the overall security. Kai will give you actionable takeaways on what you can do today to improve security culture and reduce the risk of credential sharing. Get advice on how you can engage with your organisation and run a security culture program, more easily and cost-efficiently.

Marte Irene Medby, one of our security culture experts, will talk about why we recommend establishing a program for security culture and how this contributes to strengthening the organisation’s culture year by year - making security second nature by building from the bottom.​ Reporting security incidents should come natural and all employees should be aware of risks and threats and understand that they are important assets in the overall security organisation.

Finally, Marte will present KnowBe4, and how to use this platform to cultivate information security awareness and behaviour in your organization. She will explain how you can combine activities into a tailored plan that aims to gradually improve the information security culture and maturity of your employees. Through the security culture program, you can enhance your organisation’s security culture while at the same time plan for next steps to further strengthen your employees’ security awareness and culture.

This webinar is relevant to all working with information- and cyber security, and those with roles and responsibility in the organisational domain. Whether you have a security culture program in place, plan to have one, or simply want to learn more about how you can take an active role in shaping your organisation’s culture, register today!

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