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How to automate surveys after team meetings in your company

About this event

We know it all… team meetings can go wrong. No matter how long you’ve been doing team meetings together with your colleagues there might be issues anytime. Why? Because people make mistakes and there is nothing wrong about it. But the fact we all make mistakes doesn’t mean we cannot try to fight with it and improve team meetings. In this article we will show you how easy it is to ask for feedback automatically and share the results with your team. You don’t have to maintain the process. Just let it be. Collect results and share them.

During this 1 hour webinar session we will show you:

  • how to create efficient survey
  • how to create automation for sending survey so you don't have send them manually every week
  • how to dispatch result to whole company automatically so you don't have to do it manually every week

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Urszula Niepewna Marketing Team Leader @ Webankieta


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