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Advance your career with a Master’s Degree or Graduate Certificate in Merchandising (Online)

About this event

Great Plains IDEA offers an online Master’s degree and a graduate certificate in Merchandising. These unique graduate programs equip you with the skills to deliver the right product or service to the consumer in the right place, in the right quantities, and at the right time.

Students will analyze and evaluate the triple bottom line (economic, social, environmental) impact of sustainable merchandising industry activities and processes. Taken entirely online, these Merchandising graduate programs are flexibly structured to fit the needs of working professionals

Why study Merchandising through Great Plains IDEA?

The Merchandising curriculum provides in-demand skills to advance your career in the apparel or retail industry and is an excellent fit for creatively analytical thinkers. In particular, our technology-rich program expands your ability to improve business strategies through profit maximization, cost-cutting, customer satisfaction, and selling approaches measured through the triple bottom line.

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