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Be part of a Nordic Success - pursue a Nordic Joint Master at some of the best technical universities in Europe

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Nordic Five Tech (N5T) is a strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark (DTU), Finland (Aalto), Norway (NTNU) and Sweden (KTH and Chalmers). Our aim is to utilize our complementary strengths within education, research, and innovation. You can be a part of that!

Joint Nordic Master’s programmes

The Nordic Five Tech alliance offers five joint master’s programmes. Each takes two years, and the courses are taught in English. Through the joint master’s programmes, you can pursue your specific academic interests on two different universities – one year at each university. Upon completion of your studies, you will receive two diplomas, one from each university.

Pursue an international education in Cold Climate Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering, Maritime Engineering or Polymer Technology. When you graduate, you receive a Master’s degree and a diploma from each of the two attended universities.

During this interactive webinar and Q&A, you will learn about the 5 joint Nordic master Programmes, and you will be introduced to some of the academic and administrative staff -as well as alumni.

Join us on the 17th of November 2022 to learn why a Nordic joint Master is a perfect platform to kick off your career in the field of the technical sciences.

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    Helenius Börje Aalto

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    Renee Mie Fredensborg Hansen DTU

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    Markula Nelli Aalto

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    Xenia Frank DTU

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    Karin Odelius KTH

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    Gunvor Kirkelund DTU

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    Andreas Bruun DTU

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