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Beyond green campuses: how European Universities are taking climate action

About this event

Teaching sustainability is a must for universities. But how are European Universities leading the way? 

Universities have to become sustainable themselves to gain credibility and serve as an example for their students: change the menu options, energy transition, green roofs, digitalization and offsetting activities.   

Join this webinar to learn how top Universities are taking steps to become more sustainable and take meaningful climate action beyond teaching. 

Take-aways from the Webinar:

  • New ideas to make campuses more sustainable
  • Practical case-studies from leading universities
  • Learn how to organise a planting activity with your University

The Webinar will take place on June 15th, duration 40 minutes + Q&A

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Nadia Stomp Life Terra

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    Ivar Maas VU Amsterdam

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    Friso Verveld EY

  • Guest speaker
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    Michela Cobelli University di Pavia

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    Anna Colás Life Terra

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    Sven Kallen

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