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Coffee-break: Personalized Student Recruitment - focus on U!

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By now we all know (more or less) what drives effective Student Recruitment, as you´ve got to do a bit of everything: get enough Awareness through traffic to your website (through Portals, Social Media etc.), create content and campaigns that resonates with your student audience & display well your Unique Selling Points, track-adapt-convert (through AI, Data analytics etc.) and above all ensure there´s an actual fit with the students to meet not only your targets but also their expectations 👩‍🎓

However one thing is to know it, another to actually being able to deliver. Personalization is a big factor in all of this 🎯

We would like to invite you for a short Coffee-break where we share some ideas (including practical tips) from our 10+ years of experience in Student Recruitment (but also invite you to debate, question and share yours!).

Simply register and join me (Live or On-demand) for a coffee and learn how to focus on ´U´ (we´ve got 4 of them to share :)) in University Student Recruitment ☕

You get the coffee, we give you a break 😀


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