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Contribute to the sustainability and well-being of an ageing society: MSc from Linköping University

About this event

A longer living population presents global challenges and opportunities that affect every aspect of our lives such as welfare, the environment, health, finance, housing, and employment. Gaining a profound understanding of the potentials and challenges of ageing, is crucial for the well-being of mankind and the sustainability of society. Skilled experts to tackle the global social, economic, health, political and cultural issues of ageing will be needed to support public agencies, civil society and private corporations in addressing the challenges of an ageing population.

The intended audience are students with background in social and behavioural sciences, social policy, economics, gerontology, law, political sciences, history, demography, health sciences and similar fields.

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    Webinars 4you Production @ Webinars4you

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    Therese Winder Linköping University

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    Indre Genelyte Linköping University


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