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Graduate at the first Joint Master’s Degree on Sustainable Cities and Communities

About this event

Are you interested in growing your expertise in the domains of environment, energy and urban planning?

In this webinar, the Master in Sustainable Cities and Communities will be presented. This Master’s programme is launched in the framework of the EC2U Erasmus+ Project. As a joint program between the Universities of Coimbra, Poitiers and Turku focused on the challenges of the Sustainable Development Goal 11 « Sustainable Cities and Communities », it aims at training future national and international professionals in the fields of environment, energy, urban planning and natural resources.

The Master in Sustainable Cities and Communities provides students with the opportunity to study abroad and gain multicultural experiences, since each participating University will host one curricular semester.

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    The StudyAbroadPortal Production @ TheStudyAbroadPortal

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    Lucile Birot Uni Poitiers

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    Myriam Lazard University Poitiers

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    Jukka Kayhko University Turku

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    Manuel Gameiro University Coimbra

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