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Resilience to climate change: a new challenge for Environmental Engineering - MSc at University of Pavia

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The MSc in Environmental Engineering – Resilience to Climate Change Effects (REACH) aims at training expert professionals capable of operating in a reality where climate changes increasingly impact on the management of water resources, on the safeguard of the environment, and on soil protection.

The environmental engineers graduating in this curriculum will be able to analyse problems, build models to support decisions, plan and design actions and operations of natural and territorial interest to mitigate the effects of climate changes, as well as in ordinary contexts, using modern, innovative and inter-disciplinary approaches, techniques and tools.

Starting from a reinforcement of previous bases in mathematics, hydraulics, sanitary engineering, applied geology, and hydraulic constructions, in this curriculum the topics related to climate dynamics, the impact of climate changes on aquatic ecosystems, the sustainable use of water resources in urban and agricultural environments, fluvial hydraulics and related hydraulic protection works and the use of satellite data are especially developed.

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