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Study Business Administration, Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, Data Engineering or UX Design (CO-OP Work + Study) in Vancouver, Canada!

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The Canadian College of Technology and Business, based in Vancouver (Canada) is an educational institution specializing in career development, certification and technical training in business and information systems. Our institute provides and upholds quality education and training of the highest standard based on trending in-demand skills and knowledge.

Based in the heart of the thriving city of Vancouver:

• 75K+ Professionals work in tech and innovative companies in the Canadian city.

• 3 of Canada’s five “unicorns”: Slack, Avigilon and Hootsuite have their home in this wonderful spot of the Pacific.

• $79,402 is the average salary for an Information Technology Specialist in Vancouver.

Develop your skills and expertise to advance yourself in a successful career as a Businessperson or Digital Marketeer. Throughout these 1-year post-secondary diplomas, you will develop skills that are critical to running business operations efficiently and effectively including marketing, finance, organizational behaviour, and business strategy.

The Business Administration Diploma CO-OP Program acts as a pathway into employment by teaching students the core skills they need to enter one of the following roles: accounting manager, financial administrator, office services coordinator, financial planning and analysis manager and budget analyst.

The Digital Marketing Analyst Diploma program teaches you about SEO and how it can be used to create optimized websites and web design concepts. Throughout this one-year post-secondary diploma program, you will develop your understanding of PPC marketing, effective copywriting, and campaign management techniques, all of which will help you to become an asset in any marketing role.

The objective of these programs are to provide students with a demonstrable knowledge of marketing and branding principles whilst developing their understanding of web-based marketing technologies.

1. Studying the Business Administration program, you will be able to demonstrate knowledge all aspects of business administration; utilize process management tool suites; create and maintain business reports; understand strategic planning and much more. Some roles you could consider pursuing after you finish the program include:

• Human resources manager

• Financial control manager

• Account records manager

• Financial planning and analysis manager

• Project administration officer

2. The Digital Marketing Diploma (CO-OP Program) will equip you with the skills needed to be successful in several digital marketing skills that you can take into many different roles. Some roles you could consider pursuing after you finish the program include:

• Web marketing manager

• Advertising campaign organizer

• Market researcher

• Communication manager

• Publicity director

3. Studying the Diploma in Cybersecurity Analyst Practicum will equip you with the skills and knowledge to enter several different roles including: Computer Network Technician, Data Centre Operator, Digital Computer Operator, Network Operator, Web Technician, and much more.

4. Studying the Data Engineering and Analytics with Co-op program will teach you to analyze, develop, and implement complex data structures as well as market yourself professionally. You can become the ideal candidate for a junior/intermediate level role in a modern software development organization such as: Data Analyst, Database Administrator, Technical Architect etc.

5. The User Experience and Interactive Design with Co-op program will equip you with the skills needed to enter a range of different roles including: Web Developer, Web Manager, Corporate Webmaster, Internet Site Designer, and Webmaster. Throughout this one-year post-secondary diploma program, you will learn to design and develop user interfaces suitable for a variety of different platforms including websites, mobile applications, and data-driven information systems.

Upon completion of CCTB programs, students will have the opportunity to participate in a work experience component that will enable them to showcase their newly acquired skills. Get more information to find out how to study in beautiful Vancouver, Canada!

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