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Study Business Administration – Strategy and Management in International Organisations at Linköping University

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The international environment presents a series of opportunities and challenges in scale, uncertainty, ambiguity and complexity. Navigating these waters requires not only analytical skills in management, but also a reflective and creative mindset and good judgement.

The programme combines fundamental academic knowledge (thinking and reasoning) and experiential knowledge (skills) to prepare students to go beyond applying known solutions to known problems. It also encourages them to grow as a human being.

We train for analytical excellence, for reflection and creativity, and for personal growth. As a Strategy and Management in International Organisations (SMIO) student you will be expected to work hard. You will join an exclusive and diverse group of some of the most talented management students from all corners of the world.

Our graduates are competent analysts and competitive candidates for employment in international organisations in general. Among our alumni we find consultants, business analysts, innovation strategists, marketing and brand executives, HR specialists and project managers. Some alumni have started their own businesses, while others have chosen to pursue an academic career through doctoral studies.

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