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Studying Master’s degree in Sustainability Engineering and Management at Linköping University (Sweden)

About this event

This webinar about the master’s programme in Sustainability Engineering and Management will give answers to any thoughts having to do with studying at Linköping University and Sweden as well as the programme itself.

This programme is designed to provide you with the ability to lead production, engineering and society in a sustainable direction. It teaches you how to combine an interdisciplinary systems perspective with skills in modern environmental and energy engineering. This holistic and proactive approach is essential to limit, prevent and solve environmental problems.

As a graduate, you are qualified for a wide range of leading positions in companies and the public sector, dealing with energy consulting, investment strategies, development of local and regional systems for energy distribution and generation, development of new products and services, renewable energy, environmental consulting, waste management and recycling and strategic environmental management. Several alumni have also chosen a career within academia, pursuing doctoral studies at Linköping University and other universities throughout the world

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    Per Wistbo Producer @ Linkoping University

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    Webinars 4you On behalf of the University @ Webinars4you


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