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The new MSc in Industrial Nanobiotechnologies for Pharmaceuticals at the University of Pavia

About this event

Nanomedicine is an interdisciplinary science that combines Physics, Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Medicine with the aim to treat human pathologies exploiting peculiar properties of nanomaterials at atomic and molecular levels.

The two-year Master of Science in Industrial Nanobiotechnologies for Pharmaceuticals focuses on formulation of nanosized drug delivery systems. Study plan includes basic learning such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and biology, preformulation and pharmaceutical technology, nanotechnologies based medicines, immunology and biotechnological drugs, advanced pharmacology, industrialization methodologies and processes. The students will be involved in interactive innovative teaching methodologies, practical courses and traineeship, addressed to implement their scientific competences.

The educational goal of this M.Sc. is to create highly specialized professionals able to satisfy the needs of research, manufacture and quality control in the area of nanotechnologies applied to industrial pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Graduates in Industrial Nanobiotechnologies for Pharmaceuticals will own the theoretical preparation and scientific competences necessary to operate as experts of pharmaceutical nanotechnologies, in the research and development, manufacture, quality control and regulatory areas of pharmaceutical companies.

Employment opportunities include: researcher in the Research & Development, quality control, manufacturing, regulatory areas of pharmaceutical companies with special focus on pharmaceutical biotechnology companies, trainer in the private and public sectors.

You Will Learn:

  • the structure of this course and the career opportunities in the relevant field
  • why the University of Pavia is the ideal place for this study 
  • the experience of the current and former students
  • Facilities, scholarships and admission through the voice of the students 

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