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Your Foundation Year in Italy: build your future and learn Italian at the University of Pavia 2022

About this event

The Foundation Year is a preparatory course, taught in Italian designed for:

– students who do not meet the minimum 12 years of schooling required for enrollment in an Italian University Degree course;

– students who want to access undergraduate degrees at the University of Pavia;

– students interested in learning Italian or improving their Italian language skills.

The course includes both Italian language classes and preparatory courses from one of the following study areas: (1) Humanities; (2) Science and Medicine; (3) Economics, Law and Politics.

For the academic year 2022-2023, students will attend all courses, both Italian and Area Studies courses in person in Pavia from October 2022 until June 2023.

Students who pass the Foundation year final exams will:

  • meet the minimum entry requirements for undergraduate study and be exempted from the first year of University fee at the University of Pavia.
  • be exempted from the Italian Proficiency University admission test

Please note that students applying to degrees with limited enrollment must still take the admission test.

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    Qian Xue University of Pavia

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    Giorgia Mazzanti University of Pavia

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    Elena Fontana University of Pavia

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    Lucio Boxhoorn

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    Ayesha Zaheer

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    Nora Takrouritamimi University of Pavia

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    Leen Ahmad

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