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Meet Cara, Your AI Sales Agent / AI SDR (Demo & Live Onboarding)

About this event


  • Learn more about Cara, Webtastic's first AI Sales Agent!
  • Join our live webinar on April 1st at 6 PM Central European (9 AM Pacific Time, 12 PM Eastern)
  • We'll provide a comprehensive overview and guide you through the onboarding process live.


  • Cara can be onboarded via a text conversation in no time.
  • Cara helps you create your Ideal Customer Profile
  • Cara prospects leads and researches leads by accessing a database of over 300M contacts.
  • Cara sends 1-1 personalised, bespoke and hyper-personalized outreach emails
  • Cara helps you manage your entire outbound sales campaign with minimal input


  • We advise to create a new domain name similar to your current one, eg. gowebtastic.com
  • We recommend to register your new domain with a new Google Workspace (link).
  • Next we recommend to create a new email address, eg. <yourname>@<newdomainname>.com

Completing these steps prior to the webinar will streamline the onboarding process! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to jan@webtastic.ai.

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    Jan De Wulf Cofounder @ Webtastic AI @ Webtastic AI

Webtastic AI

Cara, you first AI Sales Agent

Cara specializes in finding new B2B clients. Working 24/7, Cara handles all tedious and repetitive outbound sales tasks for you. She reaches out to the right people, at the right time, using the right words. Cara won’t replace you, but amplify your results tenfold.