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Is Machine Translation Ready for Marketing Teams?

About this event

Is Machine Translation Ready for Marketing Teams?

Machine Translation has evolved significantly in the last few years and can be an efficient tool for marketing teams looking to communicate in several languages.

Is MT ready for its new assignment - helping marketing teams with their daily tasks?

During this webinar, we'll discuss where and how to use MT in marketing tasks and how it can be used on bigger projects such as website translation.

We’ll be joined by one of the leading machine translation providers, DeepL, and localization and content management agency, Creative Words.

What you’ll get from this webinar:

  • A brief look at the history of machine translation and its improvements over the last decade
  • Where MT can be most impactful within the workflow of a marketing team
  • Actionable tips on how you can use MT to improve the translation process of your marketing materials
  • Website translation - how to use MT to improve your translation process

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Eugene Ernoult Chief Marketing Officer @ Weglot

  • Guest speaker
    Diego Cresceri CEO / Machine Translation Expert and Localization Influencer @ Creative Words

  • Guest speaker
    Michael Winters Developer Marketing Manager @ DeepL


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