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Keeping Drivers Happy: 5 Retention Strategies Fleet Managers Should Embrace

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As an owner or fleet manager, recruiting and retaining good drivers isn’t always the easiest task. You have a responsibility to create a safe and reliable work environment, but actually taking the time to invest in your drivers, their equipment, and their well being is a task many companies don’t prioritize as they should. This leads to high turnover and recruiting costs, something you may be dealing with now.

A report published in 2020 by WorkHound gathered 18,400 comments from over 7,000 drivers over the course of half a year. Drivers complained about issues such as load information and fuel planning, and several drivers were deeply concerned about their equipment.

Join Whip Around and Idelic to learn 5 Retention Strategies Fleet Managers Should Embrace.

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    Trent Thompson

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    Brett Stevenson Vice President of Business Development @ Idelic

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