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Wish Wholesale invites you to their event

Take The Guesswork Out of Sourcing - with a chance to win $500!

About this event

Join us for a 30 mins webinar to learn how to source top products with confidence, with a chance to win $500 Wish Wholesale credit!

(Wish Wholesale te sigue ofreciendo los mejores productos para tu negocio! Te invitamos para que seas partícipe de un seminario que tendremos el 22 de junio y ademas podrás ser el ganador de $ 500 dólares que se rifaran a quienes participen!)

Wish Wholesale helps small and medium businesses source top products and grow sales: https://wishwholesale.com/

In this webinar, the Wish Wholesale Team will share sales tips from the best-selling products of the month to new offerings including Order Now, Pay Later. You can learn everything you need to know about Wish Wholesale and how to grow your sales, with the opportunity to ask any questions and win a $500 Wish Wholesale credit!

We will cover topics including:

  • Wish Wholesale introduction
  • How to source top-selling products
  • How to Request A Quote
  • How to Order Now, Pay Later with up to $1500
  • Tips to grow B2B sales
  • Live Q & A

At the end of the webinar, one lucky attendee will receive a $500 Wish Wholesale credit to source top products from Wish Wholesale!

Join early to reserve your seat today!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    OD T
    Olivier Damas Sales @ Wish.com

  • Guest speaker
    OD G
    Olivier Damas

  • Team member
    Wish Wholesale Wish

  • Team member
    LV T
    Lupita Vaca

  • Team member
    LF T
    Liz Foley Marketing Communications Specialist @ Wish

  • Team member
    MW T
    Morgan Wisehart

  • Team member
    AF T
    Alvin Fisher

  • Guest speaker
    MW G
    Morgan Wisehart

  • Team member
    EC T
    Elizabeth Carcich Business Development Manager @ Wish Wholesale

Wish Wholesale

Take the guesswork out of sourcing

Wish Wholesale helps businesses succeed by providing top-trending products backed by the latest sales data in the industry. By working with Wish Wholesale, you can grow your sales with low risk and take the guesswork out of sourcing.