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Witekio invites you to their event

IoT Ecosystem Security – How to identify and secure threats on your connected device

About this event

If you are bringing a connected device or product to market, making sure it’s secure is vital.

In this webinar, Witekio and Pentest have teamed up to outline exactly how to assess, test and solve IoT Ecosystem security issues.

We’ll cover how you can run risk analysis and outline common vulnerabilities to ensure this doesn’t happen to your product.

📢 Who should attend?

▪ Product Managers who want to better understand the risks and tools needed for IoT ecosystem security

▪ Technical Leads who want to know the best way to assess and secure their device

▪ Platform Engineers who want to learn how to solve security challenges

What you will learn:

▪ IoT Ecosystem Security 101

▪ An overview of Risk Analysis

▪ Common Vulnerabilities

▪ What is a threat model?

▪ How to solve security challenges

▪ How Witekio and Pentest can support your team

🔥 Our experts can't wait to share their knowledge with you all on 6 Dec at 4 PM (CEST).


Julien Bernet –Security Manager - Witekio

Paul Ritchie – Managing Consultant - Pentest

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    Paul Ritchie Pentest

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