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Yocto Master Class - Considerations for License Compliance

About this event

If you’re bringing a device to market and looking to use Yocto, making sure that your code is open-source license compliance is a must!

In this webinar, Witekio and Mender will cover what you need to know about your license obligations, how to avoid common unsafe licenses and how to comply with copy-left.

📢 Who should attend?

▪ Product Managers looking to bring a product to market who are unsure of compliance needs.

▪ Technical Leads wanting to ensure they are following the best Yocto license compliance practices.

▪ Platform Engineers who want to learn more about licenses and up their Yocto knowledge.

⭐ What you will learn:

▪ How to create a license package

▪ What you need to know about allowing/blocklist licenses

▪ The Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs)

▪ What to do if you don’t have access to the original Yocto build sources

▪ Software auditing 101 and more

🔥 Our experts can't wait to share their knowledge with you all

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Josef Holzmayr Head Of Developer Relations @ Mender

    Josef has been active for more than 15 years as a "Complete”-Stack developer for industrial controls. He's done everything from debugging hardware to writing drivers, from application development to web front ends. Combining my passion with a keen interest in building systems and how they can be brought to the next generation of developers, Josef has been awarded Yocto Project Ambassador status and is a practicing Gitpod Community Hero. As such, Josef has also reached many thousands of aspiring developers not only through his presentations at various events and conferences but also by livecoding sessions and webinars. Josef holds a degree in Electrical Engineering / Computer Science from the University of Applied Sciences, Ingolstadt.

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    KW T
    Konrad Weihmann

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    Witekio Team


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