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Cultural Tourism: Win Digital-Savvy Chinese Travelers in Post-Covid 19 Era

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Cultural Tourism: Win Digital-Savvy Chinese Travelers in Post-Covid 19 Era

With over 150 million Chinese travelers recently cancelling their domestic & international trips due to coronavirus, the tourism industry – worth 10 percent of global GDP – is being hit hard.

As a result, global human interactions are being pushed online; a transformation that took off in China years ago. Cultural institutions and tourism professionals now face a group of young, digital-savvy and curious consumers in need of active stimulation.

In this webinar, we will dive into innovative revenue streams to target Chinese travelers, featuring new tech giants such as Tencent and Alibaba. These digital uses already mature in China should be broadcasted across the tourism industry, as beyond temporary measures they represent long-term evolutions towards a more digitalized world.

We are delighted to be joined by our partners at China Luxury Advisors as well as Jing Travel for this session.

Webinar structure

I. Dropping foot traffic at tourist attractions & bored consumers at home - 06'22

II. Learn new revenue streams & reach Chinese travelers digitally - 12'36

A. WeChat mini-programs, the super app’s ultimate solution - 13'25

B. Live stream, the indispensable tool to connect Chinese users - 22'12

C. Discover e-commerce & crossover opportunities - 32'47

III. Get prepared for the next wave of travelers - 50'10

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Hosted by

  • Team member
    Julie Thérond Comms & Growth Manager @ WITH

  • Guest speaker
    Richard Whiddington Senior Staff Writer @ Jing Travel

    Richard is the Senior Staff Writer at Jing Travel. He focuses on the ever- evolving landscape of Chinese cultural institutions and the trends of China’s outbound travel market.

  • Guest speaker
    Renee Hartmann Co-Founder @ China Luxury Advisors

    Renee has been focused on the China market since 2000, with a specialty in understanding and selling to the Chinese consumer. She has worked as a brand owner, retail operator, consumer researcher, marketer and market entry strategist in China.

  • Guest speaker
    Peter Huang Managing Editor @ Jing Travel

    Peter is the managing editor at Jing Travel. He oversees the publication's editorial activities and supervises its daily operations.

  • Guest speaker
    Zhuoer Li Digital Strategist @ WITH Paris


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