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Recruiting 2020: Candidate Pool and Audience

About this event

Recruitment Marketing 2020

How to grow your Candidate Audience and Pool

In this seminar we will share insights about growing a candidate pool and audience for improving your recruitment process.

Compact Lunch-Time Webinar for "Busy People"

In this webinar we will talk about recruitment marketing strategies and tactics:

  • What is a candidate pool? Why should you build and grow it?
  • How to build, grow and use it?
  • What is a candidate audience? Why do should you want it?!
  • How to setup candidate audiences?
  • How to grow and monitor your audience?
  • How to use audiences in your recruitment campaigns?
  • Best practices.

NOTE: Spaces for the live webinar are limited. Sign-up early or watch the replay later.

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    Thomas Wittig WITTIGONIA

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    Wittigonia Digital digital @ WITTIGONIA

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