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Empowering Enterprises to Take Control of IoT Connectivity

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Despite the tremendous benefits of IoT, global cellular connectivity remains far too complex. This complexity makes it much more difficult, expensive, and risky for enterprises to achieve their IoT objectives. Enterprises want IoT solutions that work globally, but they do not want to be locked into a single mobile operator. New highly flexible connectivity models and solutions are emerging to manage this.

What enterprises need is a global SaaS-based connectivity solution that leverages eUICC eSIM technology to enable devices to agnostically switch providers as needed, but also do so much more.

The new wave of IoT solutions must handle the hundreds of carrier relationships and be able to decouple connectivity data (rates) from the IoT management service. It also needs to integrate the various connectivity management systems into a single future proofed platform and enable an enterprise to easily manage its fleet of devices, pushing security and compliance policies from the centre out to the edge and integrating complementary technologies to deliver greater value across the organisation.

Join this webinar with Tom Rebbeck (Analysys Mason) and Nick Earle (Eseye) who will discuss the latest trends set to accelerate adoption of Enterprise IoT and generate greater value for those businesses.

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  • Guest speaker
    Jeremy Cowan Editorial Director & Publisher @ IoT Now

  • Guest speaker
    Tom Rebbeck Business Services and IoT @ Analysys Mason

  • Guest speaker
    Nick Earle CEO @ Eseye

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