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IoT Security: Why enterprises should embrace a 360 degree approach

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IoT security is a growing concern and the threat of a cyber-attack is ever present. Enterprises need expert help to mitigate the risks and understand the many layers of robust IoT security.

In this webinar you’ll hear from industry experts Matt Hatton, Founding Partner, Transforma Insights and Simon Trend, Chief Technology & Services Officer (CTSO) at Wireless Logic on how IoT threats are evolving, how the regulatory landscape is changing and how enterprises can structure and address many of these concerns by taking a 360 degree approach.

The webinar will unveil recent research from Transform Insights highlighting attitudes towards IoT Security from a global enterprise perspective and the implications of IoT security best practice, increasingly being translated into legislation across the globe.

Simon will then introduce a 360 degree framework which enterprises can use to assess and address potential weaknesses. The provisions in the framework bring together industry best practice to Protect, Detect and React to security threats.

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  • Guest speaker
    David Rogers CEO @ Copper Horse & Chair, GSMA Fraud and Security Group

  • Guest speaker
    Simon Trend Chief Technology & Services Officer (CTSO) @ Wireless Logic

  • Guest speaker
    Matt Hatton Founding Partner @ Transforma Insights

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