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Spectrum Bandwidth Optimization – reduce risk, maximize benefit, and make better use of resource

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Join us for an insightful webinar hosted by experts from the Smith Institute and Gurobi Optimization to discuss how telecoms regulators and satellite operators can harness the power of advanced mathematics and data science.

You will gain key understanding of how the Smith Institute verifies the systems responsible for the spectrum auctions held by the FCC and other regulators internationally. We will also reveal how optimization can be used to drive new efficiencies and confidence in decision making.

The Smith Institute combines world-class expertise in advanced mathematics, analytics, and AI to help our clients make smarter decisions through more accurate forecasting, improved processes, and greater operational efficiency.

Gurobi Optimization is committed to providing the fastest mathematical optimization solver to enable better decision making using cutting-edge prescriptive analytics.

Benefits of attending

  • Learn how telecoms regulators are taking advantage of the Gurobi optimizer to ensure their spectrum assignments apply auction rules correctly
  • Understand the techniques satellite operators can explore to optimize their usage of available bandwidth
  • Discover the capability of optimizers to develop efficient infrastructure strategies for service operators: avoiding interference and enabling effective operation
  • Appreciate the challenges of applying optimizers to operational use cases, rather than for strategic calculations, emphasizing the importance of solution speed
  • Engage with mathematical optimization leaders at the forefront of efficient spectrum management.

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    CC G
    Charles Choyce

  • Guest speaker
    George Malim Managing editor @ VanillaPlus

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Robert Leese Smith Institute @ Chief Technical Officer

  • Guest speaker
    Dr Francis Woodhouse Technical Director @ Smith Institute

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