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How to Get Clarity and Organize Your Day (feat. Chris Cooper)

About this event

“The difference between gyms who succeed and the gyms who don’t isn’t work ethic. It’s not location. It’s the ability to focus on the right work at the right time and then do it.” - Chris Cooper

Gym owners! Now is a critical time to refine & document processes, focus on what drives the most value for your business, and emerge from this global pandemic stronger than ever. However, there are more distractions than ever before - with countless blog posts, Facebook groups, podcasts, and other experts sharing their playbooks.

Join us for a discussion with Chris Cooper, the Founder of Two Brain Business, to talk about specific strategies you can take to gain clarity and organize your day. We’ll cover:

  • Five filters to use in order to cut through the noise and find the right strategies for your business
  • Specific examples of gyms that did the right things at the right time
  • Live Q & A to bring your current challenges / decisions you’re facing

If you find yourself waking up with an overwhelming to-do list, but not knowing where to start or how to focus & organize your day - this webinar is for you! 

Learn more about Two Brain Business here.

This webinar is open to anyone - you do not need to be a Wodify customer to attend.

Can't make it at this time? Don't worry - you can still register and we'll send you the recording!

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  • Guest speaker
    Chris Cooper Founder @ Two Brain Business

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    Brendan Rice CMO @ Wodify

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