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Introduction to piping vibration – holding the (main) line – on demand

About this event

Learn about the latest insights, strategies and tools to prevent vibration-induced failures on main line piping.

The challenge: Vibration in process piping systems is a significant integrity issue. Fatigue failures have resulted in serious safety incidents, fires, spills and legal implications for operators and designers. Studies show that more than 20% of hydrocarbon releases are caused by vibration-induced fatigue failures on small-bore branch connections, but also on main piping.

The solution: Correct management of this risk at both design and operational stages can result in a substantial improvement in the integrity of process plants. Increased understanding of these issues as well as defined strategies and tools are now available to mitigate and manage this risk.

This session focuses on main process piping and complements our previous webinar on small-bore connections.

You'll learn how to:

  • Identify common flow-induced excitation mechanisms: flow-induced turbulence and multiphase flow, hydraulic transients (water hammer), flow-induced 'deadleg' pulsations, and acoustic-induced vibration (AIV)
  • Detect potential issues pro-actively or early in the design using the Energy Institute screening methodology
  • Manage piping vibration within an integrity management framework
  • Apply practical solutions to main process piping vibration issues
  • Interpret industry guidelines for vibration, stress and natural frequency of process piping
  • Respond to issues in the field, quantify risks and mitigate problems without stopping production

We present best practices, recent technical developments and practical approaches for managing piping vibration, including case studies and lessons learned.

Who should attend: Process, piping, machinery, and integrity engineers and managers responsible for piping, integrity and reliability activities with EPCs and operating companies.

Duration: This session takes approximately 1 hour.

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