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Register for access to the recording: "Shake, rattle and grow – new pipe stress modelling techniques for more accurate designs"

About this event

The live event has ended, but you can register above to receive access to the recording when it's ready.

Learn how to balance the requirements for both effective vibration support and sufficient piping stress flexibility using our latest pipe stress analysis tools and techniques (2022 update).

The challenge: Most piping systems are designed for flexibility, but when the line is in vibratory service the inherent flexibility can lead to fatigue failures – one of the most common causes of hydrocarbon releases.

The solution: We have developed specialised techniques for modelling piping system supports that take both vibration and piping flexibility into design consideration, addressing a common challenge faced by pipe stress engineers.

You'll learn how to:

  • Improve the accuracy of your pipe stress models
  • Avoid over-complicated or unnecessary designs
  • Apply new techniques to model anti-vibration supports accurately in Caesar II software
  • Judge directional stiffness, preload and friction aspects with precision
  • Consider both vibration and piping flexibility design using Wood’s anti-vibration supports

We will present empirical test data on how to balance the static and dynamic stress requirements with different pipe supports, as well as case studies and videos of real pipes and supports in vibratory action.

Who should watch: This course is relevant to piping designers, pipe stress engineers and anyone dealing with vibration in piping systems.

Duration: This session will take approximately 1.5 hours.

Free registration: Register now for access to the recording when it is ready.


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