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CAD Design Webinar using Ceramill (Exocad) Splint, Microshell & Model modules - Mr Elie El Khoueiry

About this event

Elie El Khoueiry will demonstrate how to manufacture perfect temps using the Ceramill Microshell module. Thereafter, Elie will demonstrate the processes used to create digital modules using Ceramill M-Build model software. Finally, Elie will end off with splint retainer design, using the Ceramill M-Splint module.


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    CJ T
    Celeste Jordaan Marketing Manager @ Wright Millners

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    Md T
    Mariska du Plessis Marketing Assistant @ Wright Millners

  • Guest speaker
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    Bryan Perkin

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    Elie Elkhoueiry

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    Cherodene Bester