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ESBG Spotlight 6 December 2022 – Jan Vermeulen (NBB), Payment Fintech: Quo Vadis?

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New Spotlight : Payment Fintech: Quo Vadis?

It seems that most Fintech companies target payments as the holy grail for their business. Since PSD2 has brought the opportunity for those Fintech companies to become licensed to operate in payments, the number of FinTech companies as well as the granted licenses showed impressive growth. But is it all gold that glitters? Now that the review of PSD2 is taking place, Jan Vermeulen, directly overseeing the Belgium-based licensed FinTech companies at the National Bank of Belgium, will take stock on whether that is the case or not. During this ESBG Spotlight, he will provide insight in the developments in the Belgium Fintech space since PSD2 became into force.

About Jan Vermelulen

Jan Vermeulen is the Coordinator Retail payments, prudential supervision and oversight at the National Bank of Belgium. Holds a master in Economic sciences and a master in IT, both from the University of Louvain (Belgium).He coordinates the team responsible for prudential supervision on payment institutions/electronic money institutions and oversight on payment systems at the National Bank of Belgium. His team also monitors Fintech and other new trends in the European payments ecosystem, including crypto-assets and central bank digital currencies. Previously he was responsible for the daily management of the Center for Exchange and Clearing (CEC), the Belgian Automated Clearing House (ACH), of which he was Chairman for several years. He held the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) Program Office in Belgium during the migration period to SEPA.Currently, he participates as a member in the following international fora:

· Member of the "Standing Group on Payment Services" of the European Banking Authority.

· Member of the "Market Infrastructures and Payments Committee" (MIPC) of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB/European Central Bank).

· Member of the "Commission Expert group on Payments” CEGBPI of the European Commission.

Has been on several missions throughout the world for assessing retail payment systems in upcoming economies. Published and contributed to various publications on payments business in the “Banking- and Finance bulletin” of the Belgian Financial Forum, the Economic Review and the Financial Market Infrastructures report of the National Bank of Belgium.

This session will be moderated by Diederik Bruggink, Head of Payments and Innovation at the European Savings and retail Banking Group (ESBG).

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    Diederik Bruggink Head of Innovation and Payments @ ESBG

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    Jan Vermeulen National Bank of Belgium


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