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Wynter Games 2: Messaging Edition

About this event

May the customers be ever in your favor

Wynter Games is a monthly virtual event series about finding, understanding, and appealing to customers

It's a show that delivers distilled wisdom from the top experts in short 20-min sessions.

Learn to answer questions like:

  • How to appeal to my ideal customers?
  • How to stand out in a very crowded marketplace?
  • How to make any offering obviously awesome?
  • How to create a story people can't ignore?

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Asia Orangio CEO & Founder @ DemandMaven

    Asia Orangio helps founders of early-stage startups reach their growth goals through tried and true strategy, demand generation, and marketing practices. In early 2018, Asia founded DemandMaven — a consulting firm dedicated to helping both funded and bootstrapped early-stage SaaS companies build revenue-generating marketing engines. Previously, Asia served in a number of marketing roles, but most notably as head of marketing at Hull where she helped the team 10.5x in growth, and #FlipMyFunnel / Terminus as demand generation manager. Asia also serves on the board of directors at Moz.

  • Guest speaker
    April Dunford CEO @ Ambient Strategy

    April Dunford is an executive consultant, speaker, and author who helps companies make complicated products easy for customers to understand and love.

  • Guest speaker
    Brendan Dell GTM Strategy | Messaging & Positioning @ Spark

    Brendan is an award-winning messaging expert, GTM strategist, author, and advisor. He had worked with more than 100 early stage and enterprise brands to help them hone messaging and positioning, shape growth strategies, and scale.

  • Guest speaker
    Elisabeth Thomas Product Marketing @ Launch Product Marketing

    Elisabeth is a technology product marketer. Product messaging, go to market strategy, thought-leadership activity, customer success initiatives, content development, and global product launch execution augment her extensive portfolio of market-leading achievements.

  • Guest speaker
    Louis Grenier Founder @ Everyone Hates Marketers

    Louis Grenier is the moody French guy behind Everyone Hates Marketers. It started as a marketing podcast with a twist (no-fluff, no ads, 100% actionable) four years ago. 1 million downloads later, he now helps folks to create products that radically stand out. He believes it's the only antidote to marketing bullsh*t.

  • Guest speaker
    Marcus Andrews Group Lead Product Marketing @ HubSpot

    Marcus Andrews is a Product Marketing leader at HubSpot where he leads a team of marketers that position products, create go-to-market strategy, and launch products. He is passionate about product marketing, his family, and basketball. He’s an active member of the larger product marketing community, a writer, speaker, and host of The Product Marketing Experts Podcast.

  • Team member
    Peep Laja CEO of Wynter

  • Guest speaker
    Mark Evans Principal @ Marketing Spark

    I'm a fractional CMO who helps fast-growing B2B and SaaS companies attract and engage better prospects. My areas of expertise include brand positioning and brand storytelling, strategic planning, and oversight of tactical execution. I do a weekly podcast, Marketing Spark, focused on marketers and entrepreneurs in the trenches.


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