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Xcalar invites you to their webinar

Modernize your Data Pipeline with TensorFlow Machine Learning

About this webinar

Today’s acceleration of data is a challenge for data pipeline and data warehousing solutions. As the number of data sources, variety of data types, and volume of data increases, data pipeline solutions often struggle to keep up and appliance-based data warehouses become prohibitively expensive to expand and upgrade.

Xcalar was architected to solve Big Data analytics problems with modern infrastructure technologies including data virtualization, separation of storage and compute, and operational machine learning. In addition, it provides your people the tools they need including visual programming, SQL, Python, Jupyter Notebook, and open source data science libraries including TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, and more.

Join our 'Modernize your Data Pipeline with TensorFlow Machine Learning' webinar where our product team will show you—via a live demo of Xcalar—how we can help you: 

  • Deploy your analytics pipeline and data warehouse in the cloud or on premises-- without moving any data
  • Accelerate modeling with visual tools, SQL, and Python
  • Train and deploy machine learning models in Tensorflow at scale
  • Connect to data wherever it resides using Xcalar's patented True Data in Place virtualization technology

Webinar agenda:

  • Xcalar Data Platform and Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW) Overview
  • Training and deploying TensorFlow ML models at scale
  • True Data in Place data virtualization
  • Live demonstration of Xcalar with TensorFlow
  • Q+A with the Xcalar Product team

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The Xcalar Team

P.S. - Even if you can't make the live session, sign up and we will send you a copy of the recording!

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Next-Gen Data Processing, Management, and Analytics

Xcalar is a next-generation open and extensible analytics platform and a modern day data warehouse for the complete analytics pipeline. This includes data preparation/quality, virtual data warehousing, large-scale interactive analytics, data science, and workload operationalization.