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Xcalar invites you to their webinar

True Data in Place: Accelerating Data Prep with Xcalar

About this webinar

Data is everywhere and it's complex, disparate, and messy. Companies often resort to data silos to get a handle on the data but this approach comes with limitations, including data synchronization issues, slow performance of copying data, significant load from query federation, and more.

Xcalar's True Data In Placeā„¢ technology for data virtualization provides access to diverse data sources in their original locations. Instead of copying or loading data, Xcalar leverages metadata to optimize data processing performance on petabyte-scale data and to minimize network use.

Join our interactive webinar to learn how Xcalar's data virtualization technology and data preparation solution can help you make better and faster data-driven business decisions.

Webinar Agenda:

  • True Data in Place -- Xcalar's patented data virtualization technology
  • How data virtualization can accelerate data preparation and your analytics pipeline
  • Live demo demonstrating data virtualization across structured, unstructured, and semi structured data sources

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Terri Matthews Data Analytics Superhero @ Xcalar

    Fascinated with Big Data; Dataphile; No transformation is too complex, too big - bring it!

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    JY G
    Joseph Yen Director of Product Engineering @ Xcalar

    Director of Product Engineering at @XcalarInc

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    Omar Agha Sales Rep @ Xcalar


Next-Gen Data Processing, Management, and Analytics

Xcalar is a next-generation open and extensible analytics platform and a modern day data warehouse for the complete analytics pipeline. This includes data preparation/quality, virtual data warehousing, large-scale interactive analytics, data science, and workload operationalization.