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Friday Morning GM - Operationalizing NBA Analytics w/ Xcalar

About this webinar

Join us for Friday Morning GM AND keep your court cred intact. We're running an alternative version of our NBA #GOAT15 analytics demo from ODSC West back in November, where we're building our head-to-head NBA Analytics in real time - non-technical friends welcome, but as a heads up, things may get a little technical.

Here's the play - we'll show you how we

  1. Ingest play-by-play data (last night's game data in real time)
  2. Built an end-to-end dataflow including ingestion UDFs to analytics by season, all time
  3. Look at head-to-head matchups

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Terri Matthews Data Analytics Superhero @ Xcalar

    Fascinated with Big Data; Dataphile; No transformation is too complex, too big - bring it!


Next-Gen Data Processing, Management, and Analytics

Xcalar is a next-generation open and extensible analytics platform and a modern day data warehouse for the complete analytics pipeline. This includes data preparation/quality, virtual data warehousing, large-scale interactive analytics, data science, and workload operationalization.