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Sentiment Analysis on the House Impeachment Hearings

About this webinar

Coming to you live, the morning after the Democratic Debates!

Instead of covering the debates, however -- this time, we're going to look at Twitter ML sentiment regarding the impeachment hearings that have recently started in the House of Representatives. We're anticipating that the hearings will probably be brought up as a discussion point during the debates, so we've warmed up our Twitter scrapers accordingly. Topical!

We'll be using AWS Comprehend to perform NLP sentiment analysis - setting it loose on the millions of tweets regarding the proceedings starting from 11/13, the first day of the impeachment hearings.

In this Webinar, using Xcalar's cloud-analytics platform we will:

  1. Build the dataflow to prep 3 Million Tweets
  2. Integrate AWS Comprehend NLP API to dataflow
  3. Post-NLP process sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) to determine actual Impeachment/Debate sentiment
  4. Pre-aggregate the data for reporting
  5. Directly serve up the aggregated data set into a Tableau dashboard for visualization

If you are building customer, social or product engagement analytics, you don't want to miss this NLP sentiment webinar.

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