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Xcalar invites you to their webinar

Thursday Morning GM - Operationalizing NBA Analytics w/ Xcalar

About this webinar

Benched for ODSC? Weren't able to represent at our ODSC Slam Dunk Dinner Jam? It's all good -- you can still join us for Thursday Morning GM AND keep your court cred intact. We're running an alternative version of our NBA #GOAT15 analytics demo from ODSC.

Here's the play - we'll show you how we

  1. Analyzed 9 million play-by-play rows
  2. Built an end-to-end dataflow including ingestion UDFs to analytics by season, all time
  3. Operationalized the process with S3
  4. Visualized it via Tableau

We'll also be analyzing the Warriors new starting lineup.... yeah, we didn't know who they were either.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Terri Matthews Data Analytics Superhero @ Xcalar

    Fascinated with Big Data; Dataphile; No transformation is too complex, too big - bring it!


Next-Gen Data Processing, Management, and Analytics

Xcalar is a next-generation open and extensible analytics platform and a modern day data warehouse for the complete analytics pipeline. This includes data preparation/quality, virtual data warehousing, large-scale interactive analytics, data science, and workload operationalization.