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Enhancing Healthcare and Mental Wellness Strategies with Mind Mapping

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Prioritizing mental health is crucial for everyone, as it directly influences various aspects of our lives, including stress management, energy levels, time management, self-awareness, performance, and productivity.

Safa specializes in supporting professional mothers, and she firmly believes that mental wellness should be addressed as a fundamental foundation before delving into work or business matters.

Recognizing this, she utilizes an exceptional tool called Mind Mapping to optimize metacognition. This powerful technique combines elements from different therapies, resulting in an effective approach to enhance mental well-being and overall life balance.

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  • Guest speaker
    Safa Mahjoub Licensed Mind Mapping Instructor (TBLI) | Mental Health First Aid | Business Strategy | Personal Str @ Rise and Care Mothers, LLC

    As CEO of Rise and Care Mothers, LLC, Safa is a certified mental health first aider and a Tony Buzan Licensed Mind Mapping Instructor. With a passion for empowering women and mothers, she helps them find joy and fulfillment through NLP, positive psychology, and mind mapping techniques. Safa is dedicated to supporting women's mental wellness and achieving a balance between self-accomplishment, career, self-care, and family.


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