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How to Use Xmind to Summarize Dense Books or Articles

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Mind mapping is an excellent way to visually capture the key points of a book. However, what if the book you're reading contains an abundance of valuable information that is challenging to condense into a single mind map?

Eric will guide us through the process and explain how and why he utilizes Xmind and submaps to summarize dense books or articles, as well as his preference for one-pagers.

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    Eric Bouchet Coach, Trainer, Consultant @ QutilsNum

    Eric was one of the first Xmind subscribers. He has been using mind maps since 1998 and has been using the service since 2014, both in his professional settings (research, document management, meeting notes, project management) and in personal contexts. Since 2016, Eric Bouchet has been a certified Xmind master. He is one of a few consultants in France trained to support companies in their digitalization and knowledge-sharing via Xmind mind maps.


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