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From Third to First: How customer data is shaping publishing’s future

About this event

On April 29th at 3pm, Xtremepush will host an in-depth webinar on the future of the publishing industry, the use of customer data and how publishers can become more self-sufficient.

The internet-wide removal of third-party cookies will have a seismic impact on the digital advertising industry, with publishers likely to be hurt the worst of all parties involved. As things stand, the actual share of ad revenue received by publishers is down across the board, despite traffic volumes increasing over the past 12 months.

Something has to change.

Join us on this webinar to learn more about:

  • The current status of display advertising and how things will look in 2022
  • Possible alternatives to the 3rd party cookie and their viability
  • Why publishers must switch to a first-party data strategy and how
  • Using data to deliver better audience engagement
  • Developing revenue streams to reduce dependence on the ad networks

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    Will Hansen New Business Account Executive @ Xtremepush

    Digital marketing and sales expert


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