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Making virtual sports betting a reality: Tips and tactics to convert new players fast

About this event

On Wednesday 8th April, Xtremepush will host a webinar on the topic of virtual sports betting. 

The current shortage of live action presents a golden opportunity for sportsbooks to attract more customers to this exciting, fast-paced product.

Yet, for the average bettor, virtual sports remains something of an unknown. So how can vendors educate and convert more players, nudging them from first experience to regular play and long-term engagement? And how can they achieve this without making wholesale changes to their website and/or mobile app?

That’s what this webinar is all about!

Join us on this webinar to learn more about:

  • The size of the opportunity for sportsbooks
  • Bettor psychology and the similarities between casino games and virtual sports
  • Developing educational content to help bettors understand the product
  • Writing copy that will convert first-time players
  • Leveraging your existing customer data to create high-value contact lists
  • Using personalisation to increase your conversion rates
  • Creating multichannel campaigns for your website and mobile app
  • How to set up an automated customer journey


Xtremepush is a world-leading customer engagement, personalisation and data platform. It’s purpose-built for delivering mobile-first, multichannel customer experiences.