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Web and App Inboxes: Quick wins and top use cases

About this event

On February 24th, Xtremepush will host a webinar on the App and Web Inboxes, two channels that are delivering strong engagement rates throughout the customer journey.

We’ll be exploring how the inbox compliments your existing strategy, and adds a new way to engage with your customers.

The inbox channels allow brands to deliver permanent and semi-permanent content to their website visitors and app users. And as they are not permission-based, no opt-in is required from your audience.

They are also quick to set up, and are fully customisable to reflect your brand’s style guidelines. As with all of the Xtremepush channels, campaigns sent to the inbox can be personalised and targeted at specific segments of your audience. 

Join us on this webinar to learn:

  • How the Inboxes work and how easy they are to set up
  • What brands in your vertical are using these channels for
  • What the best practices and most impactful use cases are

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