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eXpander Special Edition-Kanban for Personal Productivity (Episode 2 of 4)

About this event

Almost every IT Leader we speak to is snowed under. Projects are piling up and there are never enough hours in a day (and this often already includes loads of overtime). Work/Life Balance - what is that? And then there is the topic of personal and professional development - where does that fit into an already impossible schedule?

Xuviate together with Kanbanize are hosting a series of four Lean Coffee style webinars on Kanban-related topics.

For this second episode our topic will be "How to Use Kanban to Improve Personal Productivity" and we are happy to report that we managed to twist the arm of Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO of Kanbanize, to once more be our guest for this webinar.

You, the audience, will crowd-source and up-vote the agenda, but we do suspect to see some of the following questions being answered:

  • Is Kanban applicable for personal use?
  • How does Personal Kanban differ from methodologies like "Getting Things Done", Inbox Zero and the multitude of other productivity tools on the market?
  • How would I best get started with Personal Kanban?
  • I am using Personal Kanban. Can you provide some tips and tricks that in your experience make a big difference?
  • Is there a specific way to set up my Kanban board(s) to maximise its efficiency?
  • Are there any books & tools you could recommend?
  • An important aspect for Team Kanban are the different types of meetings. I can't really make a meeting with my alter ego, but are there equivalent "rituals" in Personal Kanban?

It is our goal to answer as many important questions as possible within the one hour we have. 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Mathias Tölken Co-Founder & COO @ Xuviate

    Business Agility Coach | Abundance Thinker | Helping Mid-Market Companies Evolve by Using the Kanban Method

  • Guest speaker
    DK G
    Dimitar Karaivanov CEO @ Kanbanize

    CEO and co-founder @KanbanizeInc., Speaker, Author, Lean Thinker, Portfolio Kanban enthusiast, passionate about efficiency at scale and hard rock.


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