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How to Free Yourself from Tedious Tasks Related to Memberships

About this event

Creating membership forms, managing communications, lack of manpower... "Membership management" often means "juggling multiple tasks at once." We're here to offer you tips on freeing yourself from Tedious Tasks Related to Memberships! 🧘

During this webinar, We'll share our proven methods so you can feel more organized and save time in managing your membership registrations & renewals. 🤗

What's on the docket?

  • 3 commonly made mistakes to avoid
  • Time-Saver: How to optimize membership registrations & renewals
  • How to Utilize these Time Savings to Energize Your Organization
  • A list of simple concrete things for you to get started!

Would you like to learn about Yapla? Find all the information on https://www.yapla.ca/en/.

We look forward to seeing your there! 🤗

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