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Zencastr invites you to their webinar

Live Demo: Getting Started with Zencastr

About this webinar

Live Demo: Getting Started with Zencastr

New to Zencastr? Or perhaps you just need a refresher?

During this live demo, we'll show you how to create and record your first episode, and provide you with some best practices so your recordings run smoothly.

You will learn:

  • How to manage your Zencastr account.
  • How to create a recording link and invite your guests.
  • Best practices when recording your episodes.
  • How to download your recordings.

We will also host a 15 min live Q&A to make sure we answer all your questions. See you there!


Is this for me?

If you are wondering if Zencastr would be a good fit, or if you already have a Zencastr account and have questions, this is the perfect opportunity.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Sunny Gault Customer Success Team @ Zencastr

    Official "OG" Zencastr Podcaster

  • Team member
    Kesh Magrimbao Customer Support @ Zencastr

  • Team member
    Lynn M Zencastr Support @ Zencastr


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