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Exploring Attack Surface Management (ASM): to enhance enterprise security

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Exploring Attack Surface Management (ASM), to enhance enterprise security

Webinar: 12th June 11am UK time - (45 Mins)

Join us for our CISO Webinar with Host Barry Coatsworth CISO (InfoSec Europe - Advisory Board Member), along with Dominik Bieszczad Senior Engineer Censys, with Q&A with our CEO Tony Ryall.

Key topics of discussion:

An Essential Primer:

Discuss the concept of Attack Surface Management (ASM), its significance in today's cybersecurity landscape, and why it should matter to your business.

The Imperative Role of Quality Data in Proactive Security:

Learn about the key role quality data plays in proactive security measures, and how it empowers ASM to provide comprehensive visibility, precise risk scoring, and consistent input, reinforcing your current security efforts.

Info security Europe:

What to expect from this upcoming event

Censys Live Demo:

Getting Hands-on with Censys: An interactive demonstration of the Censys tool, providing a brief overview of its capabilities and how it can facilitate effective ASM for your organization

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    Barry Coatesworth

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    Tony Ryall

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    Dominik Bieszczad Sr. Engineer @ Censys

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