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Ziti Demo - To ZT how do you Ziti?

About this event

Following on from "To ZT, should you Ziti?", join us for a demo to show you how to Ziti, in collaboration with NetFoundry.

Key topics of discussion:

  • Architectural overview: A quick view of what Ziti comprises of.
  • The quickest quick start: A one-liner demo of Ziti.
  • Other ways to get started: A look at other ways to quickly take Ziti for a test drive.
  • Ziti in Production: How you might design Ziti in Production, including vendor-hosted CloudZiti.

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  • Guest speaker
    MS G
    Marcos Schejtman Demo Wizard @ NetFoundry

  • Guest speaker
    Philip Griffiths Netfoundry

  • Team member
    Patrick E - ZT Consultant & CTO @ Zero Trust Solutions |

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